You can say anything, including complete nonsense, and “intellectuals” will accept it, embrace it, and praise it, as long as it flatters their preconceived ideology. Corollary: With intellectuals, facts do not matter.

I think I can go from corollary to theorem. As intellectuals become teachers and professors, they will tend to promote give good grades to those who flatter their preconceived ideology. Therefore, in time, schools, universities, and the entire education industry will become one big, fact-free, self-admiration society with one ideology. The anti-hegemons become the hegemon.

Facts will become like prayers and cigarettes: all but banned in public. More exactly, inconvenient facts will be banned. The few facts that support the preconceived ideology will still be allowed — not because intellectuals believe in facts and rationality such Western white male constructs!, but because facts can be useful propaganda tools.

Here’s how it goes. The fact that satellite measurements since 1979 indicate that northern hemisphere sea ice has shrunk over the last thirty years is allowed in the public arena. Indeed, such a fact is extrapolated to prima facie evidence of catastrophic man-made global warming. The fact that similar measurements indicate that the southern hemisphere has more sea ice and that it grew is not allowed.

via American Thinker: The Intellectual Hegemon.