The theme in this year’s Super Bowl ads was going to be people in their underwear.

Three companies were touting their Super ads to USA Today, talking about how showing people wearing only their skivvies in inappropriate settings is the next big thing.


[“Advertising psychologist” Renee White] Fraser is actually the chief executive officer of an L.A. advertising agency who has a degree in consumer psychology. But I suppose part of her job is therapeutic — she helps clients rationalize the abuse of good taste in the name of profits.


Jehmu Greene, head of the Women’s Media Center, is leading a drive to punish CBS for airing [a pro-life spot featuring Tim Tebow and his mother], which she claims is “sexist.”

A little decoding is necessary here.

In terms of Super Bowl ads, “sexist” is code for “anti-abortion.” But “sexist” does not apply to parading women around in their underpants to sell beer.


In a society that has almost no restrictions for the prurient use of sex and violence to sell products, it seems odd that political speech would invite restrictions.

via Tim Tebow’s ad has Left tangled in their knickers | Washington Examiner.