They protest a little too much. I do not know this story is “absolutely false.” To the contrary, I’m confident it’s true. Twenty senators are now calling for an investigation, and each is presumably pretty well sourced in the Senate. If the charges are “absolutely false,” maybe the White House will encourage Senate Democrats to call this Republican bluff. I won’t hold my breath.

What is absolutely true is that the threat itself is clumsy. The Base Realignment and Closure Process won’t get started again for a couple of years, and Offutt is a nearly irreplaceable piece of America’s national security infrastructure. Still, this White House does sometimes see national security issues in terms of jobs created or saved. They’re closing Gitmo and moving hardened al Qaeda terrorists into your neighborhood? Don’t worry, that’s 3,000 jobs created or saved. You’re not going to vote for health care? That’s 11,000 jobs your state just lost!

via The Weekly Standard.