…I reflected on how unmedical, unethical, and down-right counter-productive this kind of attempt at third-party control of health is. Firstly, contrary to United Healthcare’s opinion, I do not suffer from heart failure or high blood pressure, and if I weren’t a retired physician and knowledgeable about such matters I probably would have been pretty upset to have this suggestion made out of the blue. Secondly, the robodoc computer that came up with my ‘diagnosis’ and treatment was working on the basis of a tiny fragment of my health data, making it virtually impossible to infer any valid conclusion about the state of my health.

Thirdly, this kind of intrusion can only undermine a patient’s trust in his physician and make for complications that will cost the doctor many hours of explaining and reassurance in the care of his patients.

Where the authority came from to allow United Healthcare to intervene in my case I do not know, but if centralized power is not curtailed it can only get worse.

via American Thinker: Big brother is already in the consulting room.