Some swing-state Senate Democrats have tried to argue that a vote on cloture is merely a vote on process. But that’s not true. Because once cloture passes, the bill will pass the Senate, and can be approved by the House at any time. So while Mary Landrieu or Blanche Lincoln [or Ben Nelson] may assert that a vote for cloture is nothing more than a vote ‘to move the process along,’ it was always possible that it would be the last substantive vote. And it’s more possible with each passing day – as Congressional leaders consider more seriously avoiding a conference. Even if Democrats announce that they have decided to use a conference committee after all, they can change their mind after the bill passes the Senate. So regardless of what Reid and Pelosi may say, skeptics and opponents of health care should recognize that the cloture vote should be thought of as the end of the process – not just some other meaningless milepost.

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