Truth be known, when we elected Obama, the nation said “Look, ma, no hands!” with its eyes closed.  It required corrupted judgment to be blind to what Obama was.  Note that “corrupted” is different than “corrupt.”  When saying a computer file is corrupted, there is no implication that it’s evil; rather, it simply means it no longer functions as it should.


But if we want to have any chance of winning the war, we must move on to graduate work and fight it on the deepest levels, the spiritual and cultural. We must scrutinize ourselves and evaluate how we have been complicit in empowering the culture that spawns Barack Obamas. We must remember that those of us who are engaged are a minority weighed against an apathetic majority. A few stones however, can be substantial enough to tip the scales against a million pebbles. But this can only happen if we so greatly increase the weight of our virtue that it outweighs the vice that is everywhere.

via American Thinker: Do Not Blame Barack.

Very good read.