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But Republican Rep. Joe Barton, who is Texan, said the bill is “about four reams of paper” that add up to the American public “getting reamed.”

via House health bill clocks in at 1,990 pages – Jonathan Allen –


Earlier this month Bank of America started notifying customers…that they will be charged a new annual fee of $29 to $99.


Citigroup is also trying out an annual fee with some card holders, and analysts expect more banks to follow their lead.

via Got Perfect Credit? You Could Be Charged For It! –

Didn’t these banks get bailout money? Is this a government policy to “spread the  credit?”

Normally, the argument that voting for a third-party candidate on the right is morally equivalent to voting for a Democrat keeps many a disenchanted conservative in the GOP fold. There is a chance that the split between Hoffman and Scozzafava will lead to a Democrat representing New York’s 23rd District for the first time since 1872. “GOP squabbling jeopardizes N.Y. Seat,” crowed the headline writers at the Washington Post.

Yet this time many conservatives are asking: Do we not in effect get a legislator liberal enough to be a Democrat even if Scozzafava wins? Aren’t their higher principles at stake in this election than (maybe) securing a vote for Boehner for speaker?

via The American Spectator : Revolt on the Right.

This resolution appears to stem from, and constitute a step toward, the Organization of Islamic Conference’s resolution to “combat defamation of religions”. The OIC’s resolution would ban outright the “defaming” of religions, speech critical of religion (even if accurate), and open discussion about any negative consequences resulting from the implementation of religious beliefs (such as Sharia law).

Though both resolutions mention “religions” generally, the context and references of the resolutions make them almost certain to apply only or disproportionately to Islam. Indeed, the defamation of religions resolution singles out treatment of Islam. Yet not surprisingly, the OIC has blatantly refused to curtail hate speech against Jews or Israel.

via Obama’s Resolution to Stifle Free Speech on Islam – by Deborah Weiss | FrontPage Magazine.


American Thinker Blog: Graph of the Day for October 23, 2009.

For decades, we have allowed one kind of predator to package and sell America piece by piece on the international market for the sake of private profit, [1] while another kind of predator has been busy on the domestic front giving away huge hunks of American prosperity for the sake of political power. [2] In consequence, we have lost energy independence, heavy industries, financial solvency, cultural cohesion, educational excellence, and something we used to call the American middle class. But those are only a few of the more obvious outward signs of the deadly struggle taking place in America.

via American Thinker: I Had a Dream.

So the real price tag on Obamacare is $2 trillion. $2 trillion.

White House officials. Senate Dems working on health care bill behind closed doors

Is there any doubt the man is a first class liar?

GAO’s simulations continue to show escalating levels of debt that illustrate that the long-term fiscal outlook remains [emphasis added] unsustainable. In little over 10 years, debt held by the public as a percent of GDP under our Alternative simulation is projected to exceed the historical high reached in the aftermath of World War II and grow at a steady rate thereafter.


Absent reform, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will account for a growing share of the economy in coming years. The longer action to deal with the nation’s long-term fiscal outlook is delayed, the larger the changes will need to be, increasing the likelihood that they will be disruptive and destabilizing.


…assuming revenue remains constant at 20.2 percent of GDP—higher than the historical average—by 2030 there will be little room for “all other spending,” which consists of what many think of as “government,” including national defense, homeland security, investment in highways and mass transit and alternative energy sources, plus smaller entitlement programs such as Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and farm price supports.


Policymakers could phase in the policy changes so that the tax increases or spending cuts would grow over time and allow people to adjust. However, the longer action to deal with the nation’s long-term fiscal outlook is delayed, the greater the risk that the eventual changes will be disruptive and destabilizing. Under our Alternative simulation, waiting even 10 years would require a revenue increase of about 58 percent, a noninterest spending cut of about 39 percent, or some combination of the two.

via The Federal Government’s Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: Fall 2009 Update

“There are those who will suggest that moving toward clean energy will destroy our economy, when it’s the system we currently have that endangers our prosperity and prevents us from creating millions of new jobs,” Obama told his audience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

via Obama: ‘Cynical claims’ attacking energy bill | Washington Examiner.

Who’s the cynic? The idea that a system which created the most prosperous civilization in the history of man “endangers” that prosperity is preposterous. Is there one thing this man likes about America?


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