The Times repeated a statement by ACORN’s “chief organizer” to the effect that guerrilla journalists James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles “spent months visiting numerous Acorn offices, including those in San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia, before getting the responses they were looking for.” What the Times failed to tell its readers was that ACORN’s list of cities where O’Keefe and Giles failed to catch ACORN in criminality was actually longer: it included New York, the scene of video number three. So the Times silently dropped New York from the list, lest its readers catch on to the fact that ACORN’s statement was a lie.

What we knew, but maybe the Times didn’t, was that O’Keefe and Giles were by no means finished.

San Diego, another city where ACORN claimed that the guerrilla journalists failed to “get the responses they were looking for.” ACORN deleted its statement from its web site, presumably having realized that its claims were about to be proved false. It will be interesting to see whether the Times thinks it owes the same obligation to its readers.

via Power Line – Another One Bites the Dust.